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I can answer Non muslims questions about Islam May God, Almighty, the One without any associates or partners in His Divinity, guide us all to the Truth and spread peace throughout the earth. Ameen

Michael Clark, Ph.D.

If youd like to explore the psychology and philosophy of religion, talk to me. Im familiar with the main issues of most world scriptures and Im well versed in comparative mysticism.

Id be happy to answer questions about insight and the so-called "discernment of spirits" as expressed in the biographies and teachings of saints, gurus, seers, shamans, healers, etc.

I also enjoy commenting on theological issues as they relate to different religions.

Questions about Freud and Jung's views on religion would also be appropriate here.

If you just need simple facts about different religions, please see and/or (I have no affiliation with these web sites).

Delton Krueger

Basic information on world religions. Detailed answers on sacred time for world religions. I know community interfaith dynamics having worked in this area for many years.

Dr. Bud

I`m willing to attempt to explain the religious experience on the basis of flawed perceptions and misinformation.

Kindred Beisinger

I can answer questions regarding the Bible. I believe scripture to be the final Word on matters of life and does not conflict, but man`s interpretation and application is the source of conflict and disagreement. I believe G~d still speaks today.


Is there a God? What is religion? What is evil? What is Good? What is Sin? Who wrote the Bible? Is there a heaven? Is there a Hell? Why do we exist? What is Spirituality? What is Love?

John Mason

graduate work in new testament, knowledge of hebrew, greek, latin; interest in buddhism, also cross-cultural communications. not high pressure. but not agnostic either.

Rev. T. H. Eslam

I am willing and able to answer any question whatsoever on any religious or moral topic, but only if such queries are submitted in a respectful and submissive manner. I am a teacher, not an arguer.

Shlomo Phillips

Since 1969 I have sought insight into the nature of God and Truth. I am happy to share my insights with you.

To varying degrees I have worked and studied with many different groups including:

Jews (my religion) Noahides, Christians, Gaudiya Vaisnavism, Swami Muktinanda's Sidha Yoga Foundation, the Yoga Society (of Sri Ramamurti Mishra), Sikhism, various Pagan and neo-Pagan groups, Sunni Islam (Wahabi), Sufism, Taoism, various Buddhist sects (including the Dharmad Hatu of Chgyam Trungpa Rinpoche), diverse Hindu sects, many Christian denominations and movements, and have been involved with numerous other groups and movements too numerous to mention.

In this AllExperts category I can any questions about any religion you are interested in.

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