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I have nearly two decades of experience in IT, computer repair, and related fields and will attempt to provide the most solid, brand-agnostic advice when it comes time to purchase a new computer, or upgrade an existing machine. I can answer anything from the seemingly basic to the downright complicated - and will do my best to provide this information in a clear and concise manner.

Keith Davis

I can answer most any question in this category for the home desktop builder and for most gaming PC builders. This includes what kind of case, cooling products, overclocking, all hardware, software, and safety issues. I can also advise on where the best sources for purchasing hardware are on the net.


I used to build computers but no longer do. I can give you advise or point you in the right path, but I am not up to date on current tech. If you have a older computer, that's where I can help you the best. But I can help you with new computers as well. I offer no help on MAC.

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2016-09-12 Processor Upgrade:

The Phenom processor would be a reasonable upgrade over the Athlon 64x2, however again depending on what you need the machine to do this may or may not be fully sufficient for your needs (the other significant

2016-09-09 Processor Upgrade:

Can you provide more information about the machine's current configuration?     Per the Acer Support documentation, it supports Phenom triple and quad core processors up to 95W;

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