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Sridhar Acharya Malkaram

Sequence and Structural Analysis, Next generation sequencing, Illumina, SOLiD, CHiP-sequencing, RNA sequencing, miRNA sequencing analysis, Molecular Dynamics, Protein and Nucleic acid simulations, computational methods, Bioinformatics tools, Biological Databases, Search techniques, Protein comparative modelling, Mutation analysis

K Syed Ibrahim

I can answer questions on Sequence analysis, Study materials. I cannot answer questions on Careers.

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2016-10-20 human genome data set:

Genes are represented by various identifiers in different databases. You can get a list of genes  (hgnc gene symbols) from NCBI gene database ( with a search term like

2016-10-19 human genome data set:

Behzad,    You can get human genome data from NCBI ( From there either you can download individual chromosome fasta files.  As far as I know there is no

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