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Don Radlauer

I`m originally from the United States, and now make my home in Israel - after living for some years in Hong Kong and England. In addition to handling general questions about Israeli life and history, I can field questions relating to strategic aspects of terrorism and counter-terrorism, as well as some tactical aspects. As an Associate of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, I can draw on ICT`s accumulated expertise in this area. As the Lead Researcher for ICT`s "al-Aqsa Intifada" Database Project (and author of "An Engineered Tragedy", ICT`s report on the findings of this project), I have become the world`s leading expert (indeed, as far as I know, the world`s only expert) on the demographics of the victims of the phase of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that began in September 2000. Going beyond terrorism per se, I can answer questions regarding pretty much all aspects of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Jack Plaxe

Terrorism, political violence and asymmetric warfare; terrorist weapons, tactics and targeting; terrorist IEDs and bombing tactics; critical infrastructure protection; water system security; transportation security, especially aviation and rail security; the application of security technology as part of a comprehensive protective strategy. I also maintain a small library and archive on these issues so I can suggest books and other reference works to those who are interested in these subjects.

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2016-08-26 Isis:

Hello Joyce and thank you for your question.    The question of "why they hate us" can be confusing for most Americans, who by most measures are moderate in their views and simply want to go about their

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