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Can answer in English and Spanish. I know about tourism - where to go, where to stay, what to eat, plans for visiting my country. I can recommend hotels in all Costa Rica, rent a car, places to visit, and give advice if you are coming with pets, dogs and cats.

I have a Hotel is San Jose and I am the president of the Small Hotel Association in Costa Rica.

Luna Nueva

Costa Rica
I am a Costa Rican and I lived in Costa Rica up until eight years ago, when I moved to the United States. I can answer general questions about Costa Rica, like "is it O.K. to drink tap water?" "do I need special vaccinations?", "what kind of transportation is available to go to the beach?", "what if I lose my passport?", "where can I go shopping?", "where is the American Embassy located", etc. Sorry, I cannot answer questions about surfing. I can answer questions in English, Spanish and French.

Tucker Comstock

Costa Rica
Can answer any questions about Costa Rica from perspective of a resident - weather, driving times/distances, things to see and things to avoid, what you should be nervous about and what is really not a problem, except in your head. I have lots of experience with government regulation, banking, property ownership, legal structures, insurance issues, employing people.


I can aswer questions of tourists that wish to get information about travelling to Costa Rica and Italy

Beatrice Blake

I can recommend the best places to visit with children in Costa Rica, based on their ages and the family`s interests and budget. My two children were born in Costa Rica and I have traveled with them all over the country while doing research for my guidebook, The New Key to Costa Rica. I also help people (with or without children) pick the best and most responsible ecotourism destinations and can advise them on the best ways to get around within the time they have.

Lic.Gregory Kearney Lawson.

Costa Rica
American/Costarrican Attorney at Law/Real Estate Broker, We specialize in relocation and expat services related to Costa Rica, Residency, Immigration proceedures,Real Estate sales, International Law, Business Law, Corporations, Family Law, Wedding planning, private investigations and genealogical research, Notarial services, tax shelters, Civil and Criminal Law, serving of court documents. We can also advise on several other aspects related to Costa Rica, such as Tourism, everyday living, culture, etc.

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Dear Bill,     Thanks for getting in touch.    The best way to find bilingual naturalist guides and drivers is through your hotels. They will also recommend the best tours. In Arenal, the Arenal Hanging

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