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Eileen DuJardin

I can answer most types of cattle questions, primarily beef types. Genetics, breeding, basic care, herd health and management, and showing. I'm knowledgeable in forages and feeding. Non emergency health and soundness questions. I am not a veterinary, and can't answer critical care questions. Call your local large animal vet for that service.

Karin L

Forage-Beef Extension Specialist. Knowledge in almost everything to do with beef and dairy cattle. Strong points include forage production, pasture and rangeland management, grazing management, breeding/calving/weaning, cattle genetics, breeds, feeding and nutrition, starting-up, and most physiological questions. I AM NOT A BOVINE VETERINARIAN; so please any questions that concern serious health of your cattle must be taken to your local large animal veterinarian.

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2016-09-30 Cows:

Depends on the cows!  I show my cows, so they are halter broke and don't mind people being close.  Dairy cows are generally pretty quiet because they are milked twice a day and handled by people, but if

2016-09-28 Cows:

Good afternoon,    Those are Holstein cows, and a milking type rather than a beef cattle breed.    I'm sorry, I don't understand your question about "do they generally stay still long"?  Are you talking

2016-09-14 Cow:

Hi Micole,    With just a head-shot and not much showing of her body, it's difficult to pin-point exactly what breed she is. What narrows down, significantly, the possibilities is her head and neck structure

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