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Dodie Casey

I am able to answer questions regarding: ceramics, beeswax candles, cleaning things from other things, working with wood/pinecones/etc. in the making of centre pieces & wall hangings. I also have a Christmas Village that is approximately 60 square feet in area & takes, at this time, 3 days to assemble for the Christmas Season, but only one day to take down. I also am a great baker & cake/cookie/cupcake decorator (I made my own wedding cake, my sister's for her 25th wedding anniversary, & for two of my friends weddings) & chocolate user for fancy stuff. I have done some small quilting projects & am starting something known as a "Farm Quilt". It requires taking pictures of people, animals & farm buildings on the farm you are using for a model. These pics are then transfered onto the quilt & "quilted" into it. Great fun! Great Family Heirlooms! I know a little about bisque, but more about ceramics. I also do sewing pictures. No, I do not do needle point. The pics are drawn & then various stitches are used to create a three-dimentional appearance.

Valerie Randall

I specialize in computer crafting: designing anything from greeting cards to wrapping paper in Broderbund`s The Print Shop, PrintMaster or American Greetings CreataCard. I can answer questions on design, fonts, layout, construction, how to build templates and how to assemble designs into finished products. I use a wide range of crafting materials in my completed designs and can refer people to great products that will help make their crafts professional and unique.

Ronald Levy

Origami (Japanese paper folding). I can any question regarding how to fold any model from simple to the most complex. I excel in the interpretation of diagrams and symbology. I have been folding for 35 years and have been folding complicated models for 25 years. Some models I fold take 6-10 hours. I have beta tested several books for authors to make sure the diagrams can be followed.

MaryAnn F. Kohl

I am an award-winning author of books about art for children of all ages. My expertise is in the creative process of art more than the finished product (though I like products too!). I like to help kids explore and discover their own creativity through art ideas. You can also look at samples of my favorite art ideas at my webpage I hope you will write to me if you have questions about art and creativity for your child.

Sheila M. Krueger

Scrapbooking and making Memory Albums. I can answer questions regarding proper products to use to preserve photographs. Additionally, I can provide information on layouts and the other processes to use to make memory books attractive. I have taken many classes in scrapbooking and am have done books for others. I am an active participant on several e-mail loops which discuss style, products and idea exchange. I have completed dozens of memory albums and am currently working on four new ones.


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