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Michael Fay

There are many experts available here and elsewhere for personal credit - my focus is on BUSINESS credit. This means understanding it and predicting it - as well as helping to correct it. Having worked in contracts & credit, I have also worked with all of the related documents such as Guarantees (personal and corporate), and Security Agreements (aka UCC’s or “liens”)

Michael Curry

*Ontario Canada residents questions only Please! I can answer your questions regarding debt consolidation, consumer proposals, bankruptcy and credit repair (Ontario residents only). Please also ask me any questions regarding residential mortgages in Ontario, Canada. This includes first and second mortgages, refinancing, renewals, debt consolidation, home equity lines of credit, and reverse mortgages. If you have any questions regarding HomEquity Bank's equity mortgages or CHIP reverse mortgages I will be happy to answer them. Please note: I will not be able to answer any questions regarding mortgages outside of the province of Ontario, Canada. Mortgages are regulated provincially in Canada - please contact a mortgage professional licensed in your home province.

Chris Ebert

I can answer questions for Texas residents concerning issues that involve creditor and debtor rights. Specifically, I can answer questions concerning: FDCPA, FACTA, FCRA, and Texas state collections violations. Further I can guide consumers as how to repair their own credit with out the need for hiring a credit repair company.

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2016-11-06 Ramifications of closing a credit card account:

Glen,    In short, it is only devastating if you intend to use your credit to purchase big ticket items such as cars or houses. Then the drop in the score can cost real money.    If AT&T Universal Card/VISA

2016-10-19 What is a credit card co signer?:

A credit card co-signer is the person that is "really" signing for the credit card because the "signer" can not qualify based on credit or income by them self. The account will reflect on both of your

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