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Brian V. Lee, Esq.

Please note that I do not answer Private questions. All questions related to consumer and business bankruptcy, debt management, and personal finances are welcome. Serving clients in the DC-metropolitan area since 2005, I am licensed in Virginia and the District of Columbia. I have provided counsel to hundreds of clients with a wide variety of complex legal and financial issues. Feel free to visit my All About Bankruptcy blog for more information.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Leon Bayer

I can answer all questions relating to debt collection, credit reporting problems, credit scores, bankruptcy, debt settlements, debt settlement scams, and dealing with debt collectors. For many years I have been one of your volunteer experts for the topic "Bankruptcy Law". I would like to receive more questions. I'm thinking that many relevant questions get asked under this catagory as well as my own. See my stats, below: Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Leon D. Bayer U.S. Available View Profile Ask A Question View Past Answers Knowledgeability9.96 Clarity of Response9.93 Politeness9.97 Response Time(hr)14.6 --Last 90 Days(hr)7.6 Total Questions1119

Bankruptcy Services

Can answer questions about bankruptcy, lawsuits or judgments that have been filed against you. Also can answer questions about tax issues, property that is facing foreclosure, repossession of vehicles, and wage garnishments. 915 261-3893

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