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Colin Pearson

Cricket umpiring and scoring. I can answer questions on MCC Laws of Cricket but not ICC and other special regulations, which are frequently changing. I cannot answer questions on careers as a cricket umpiring. For details of courses, visit (anywhere that has advertised), (UK only)

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2015-05-20 Law 19.7 of Laws of Cricket:

The earliest reference I can find is 1947 code Law 20 although the excellent book "Next Man In" by Gerald Brodribb (1953 edition) does refer to a possible incident with W G Grace.  However there was nothing

2015-05-02 Stumped of a hight No ball:

If the umpire calls "No Ball" then the Striker cannot be out Stumped.    In judging the height of the ball, the umpire must consider where it would have been had the Striker been standing upright the Popping

2015-04-27 Maximum Legside fielders when bowling around the wicket:

MCC Law specifies that there must be no more than two fielders behind the Popping Crease on the Leg side at the INSTANT of DELIVERY.    There is no restriction of five fielders - I assume this is a local

2015-04-26 Stump Out:

Until the ball has passed you (or you have made contact with it), the Keeper is restricted by Law 40.4 (significant movement) - also 40.3 (encroachment).    After the ball has reached you, he (and other

2015-04-23 Cricket Fielding Rules:

MCC Law 41.5 specify not more than 2 behind Popping Crease on Legside.  No restriction anywhere else.    ICC and other governing bodies my make special regulations applying to particular competitions /

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