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Cricket umpiring and scoring

Suhas L Sapre

I can help to give all questions regarding cricket laws, rules on both umpiring and cricket scoring. It will be a great pleasure to help any candidate who wants to clear the exam of BCCI. I can guide him how the questions are asked and the way they should be replied. I can also conduct classes for Cricket umpiring and scoring anywhere.

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2014-11-11 6/3 field:

The only current restriction is Law 41.5     At the instant of the bowler’s delivery there shall not be more than two fielders, other than the wicket-keeper, behind the popping crease on the on side. A

2014-11-11 hit wicket ? shezard:

Law 35 says ... The striker is out Hit wicket if, ... his wicket is put down either by the striker’s bat or by his person ...    There is nothing to indicate that the bat must be in his hand at the time

2014-11-10 Winning Run & Penalty:

It does depend on when and why the Penalty runs are imposed.    In general, if the Penalty is incurred before they have scored the required normal run(s), then the ball becomes Dead and any subsequent


You can impose a much more severe penalty for such an offence.    Law 42.5. Deliberate distraction or obstruction of batsman applies.    .....    (b) If either umpire considers that a fielder has caused

2014-10-30 To join cricket:

Dear Dherya,    Thanks for your query.    You can join any club in Baroda any time. If you have any relatives staying in Baroda, you can come down and join the following club during vacation.    1. YSC

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