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Colin Pearson

Cricket umpiring and scoring. I can answer questions on MCC Laws of Cricket but not ICC and other special regulations, which are frequently changing. I cannot answer questions on careers as a cricket umpiring. For details of courses, visit (anywhere that has advertised), (UK only)

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2015-03-27 non striker run out or Not out ?:

Sorry about delay - original email seems to have gone astray.    MCC Law 42.15. Bowler attempting to run out non-striker before delivery  ".... BEFORE entering delivery stride ...."  So Not Out.    Whilst

2015-03-26 Catch:

Sorry about delay - original email seems to have gone astray.    MCC Law 32.3(a) .....catch completed ... "... End when fielder has complete control both over the ball and over his own movement.    Judging

2015-03-21 Short run strike change:

A very interesting question that made me think hard about what I have been doing and teaching for 54 years!    I assume you are asking about accidental short runs rather than deliberate unfair play.  

2015-03-08 9 fieldsmen on the fence:

It seems to me that this is a perfectly legitimate tactic, albeit a little mean!    There are no grounds for an umpire intervening under Spirit of the Game.    The batsmen can play carefully since there

2015-02-07 About Career Scorers / Umpires:

Dear Prakash Singh,    It seems you are very much keen to know everything at one go. May be that you like to scale the ladder at one jump. Let my try to brief you over all your queries in order.It is as

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