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Colin Pearson

Cricket umpiring and scoring. I can answer questions on MCC Laws of Cricket but not ICC and other special regulations, which are frequently changing. I cannot answer questions on careers as a cricket umpiring. For details of courses, visit (anywhere that has advertised), (UK only)

Suhas L Sapre

I can help to give all questions regarding cricket laws, rules on both umpiring and cricket scoring. It will be a great pleasure to help any candidate who wants to clear the exam of BCCI. I can guide him how the questions are asked and the way they should be replied. I can also conduct classes for Cricket umpiring and scoring anywhere.

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2016-05-23 Field position:

Dear Gurunath,      Thanks for your question.  What is permitted and what is not should be governed by MCC Laws, and that we have to just use common sense for such trifle issues. And there is no Law which

2016-05-22 Out Caught by spectator:

Unfortunately MCC Laws do not specifically cover this situation.    You could consider Law 2.6 - if he could be deemed to be a substitute fielder.     However I would probably apply 42.2, call Dead Ball

2016-05-18 obstructing the field question:

law 37.1 Either batsman is out Obstructing the field if he WILFULLY attempts ...    Law 35.1 (a) The striker is out Hit wicket if ... HIS wicket is put down ... in the course of any action taken by him

2016-05-18 Dangerous bowling rule:

One of the problems is that International Cricket (and some other competitions) have different regulations.    Under MCC Law 42.6(a) Bowling of fast short pitched balls    (i) The bowling of fast short

2016-05-16 When does Cricket ball get dead ?:

I assume that the striker was not out caught.    It is a little difficult to define exactly when it is finally settled.    One factor is that the fielding side are clearly not looking to do anything further

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