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Cricket umpiring and scoring

Suhas L Sapre

I can help to give all questions regarding cricket laws, rules on both umpiring and cricket scoring. It will be a great pleasure to help any candidate who wants to clear the exam of BCCI. I can guide him how the questions are asked and the way they should be replied. I can also conduct classes for Cricket umpiring and scoring anywhere.

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2015-02-07 About Career Scorers / Umpires:

Dear Prakash Singh,    It seems you are very much keen to know everything at one go. May be that you like to scale the ladder at one jump. Let my try to brief you over all your queries in order.It is as

2015-02-05 Call:

Hi Ganesh,    Thanks for your good question.    Even if the ball is short and wide and seems to be harmless , it should still be treated as a "dangerous". Even the bowler happens to bowl unfortunately

2015-01-22 Query:

Dear Jatin,    Your interpretation is true, but mine is a different scenario. Read here.    This was a sheer case of deliberate padding where the Law says there will be no penalty runs from a deliberate

2015-01-21 Points of team:

Dear Ankit,    Is it that you are a brother of Actress Manisha Koirala?     Thanks for your question. Net Run Rate is calculated when there are more than two teams  are involved in a tournament and when

2015-01-15 To join a cricket academy:

Dear Akash.    Thanks for your question and your ambition to be a cricketer.    Joining any cricket academy is must from the age of 8 years old, you are now twice the age of that required age. But still

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