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Colin Pearson

Cricket umpiring and scoring. I can answer questions on MCC Laws of Cricket but not ICC and other special regulations, which are frequently changing. I cannot answer questions on careers as a cricket umpiring. For details of courses, visit (anywhere that has advertised), (UK only)

Suhas L Sapre

I can help to give all questions regarding cricket laws, rules on both umpiring and cricket scoring. It will be a great pleasure to help any candidate who wants to clear the exam of BCCI. I can guide him how the questions are asked and the way they should be replied. I can also conduct classes for Cricket umpiring and scoring anywhere.

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2016-05-02 Batsman's View Obstructed by Umpire!:

Dear Melwyn,    This is really a testing of a good batsman. The similar situation was faced by our Little Master Sunil Gavaskar during his days. WI pace batteries of Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner Andy

2016-05-02 Ball in the air crossed the boundary:

Six    Law 19.4. Ball beyond the boundary    After it has crossed the boundary in the air, a ball may be caught, subject to the provisions of Law 32, or fielded provided that        (i) the first contact

2016-05-01 About Cricket Umpiring:

Sorry I do not know the exact organisation in your country.    Almost certainly you need to join your local cricket club - most of them are glad of an umpire for some of their matches.    They should then

2016-04-23 need advice for goal:

Dear Muzzaffar,    I am not sure whether Viramgam comes under Baroda's jurisdiction. I know the place Mehsana comes under Baroda's jurisdiction. So confirm it should come under Gujarat Cricket Association

2016-04-21 need advice for goal:

Dear Muzzaffar,    Some 15 years back, one unknown cricketer was introduced to Kiran More former Wicket keeper by Mahendi Shaikh, coach of Pathan brothers, at the Baroda Cricket Association Office, I was

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