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Kunal Ganju

I can answer questions about Cricket History, the Laws of Cricket, Test/ ODI records, rare or quirky occurences and other such things. I guess I can take a crack at anything that can be classified as "Cricket Trivia".

Colin Pearson

Cricket umpiring and scoring

RKR Chirra

you can ask me questions on laws of cricket,subject to all but questions will be answered on the basis of icc conditions

Suhas L Sapre

I can help to give all questions regarding cricket laws, rules on both umpiring and cricket scoring. It will be a great pleasure to help any candidate who wants to clear the exam of BCCI. I can guide him how the questions are asked and the way they should be replied. I can also conduct classes for Cricket umpiring and scoring anywhere.

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2014-08-25 age limit associated with cricket:

Hi Abhishek,    Thanks for your question.     You are already 19 and how do you dream to play U-15/u-17? Anyhow, you are at such a age that you can play and perform in cricket. Always be positive, work


hi das,    to keep it in simmple words when ball hits any part of batsmen other then the bat or the hand holding the bat the runs thus scored will be legbyes, but in opinion of umpire either the striker

2014-08-17 out:

Dear MD,      For the following (10) dismissals a batsman can be called out:        1. Bowled  2. Caught  3. Handled the ball,  4. Hit the ball twice  5. Hit wicket    6. LBW  7. Obstructing the field

2014-08-17 umpire 1 level exam:

Dear Renjith,    Thanks for your interest in taking up the job of umpiring. I am sorry to tell you that there is no such information to pass on to you. The exam is very much due but the present scenario

2014-08-17 cricket statistician:

Dear Dilip,    Thanks for your query.     As far as statisticians are concerned, there is no course for that nor there is any exam. But you have to develop your skill and interest yourself. You have to

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