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Kevin M. Tamez

An adjudicated expert in most, if not all, federal/state criminal investigations. Also an adjudicated and CJA approved expert in federal post-conviction advocacy, sentencing mitigation and the federal prison system.

Philip Sweeting

Can answer questions concerning police procedures and accepted police practices, specifically : arrest, use of force, internal affairs, recruitment and hiring, constitutional rights and accreditation.

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli

criminal profiling, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, online sexual predators, child predators, Internet safety, psychopathology, criminal & forensic psychology and cyber psychology.

Brock Savage

I can answer questions regarding law enforcement ethics, use of force, and constitutional rights. I can also answer questions regarding the Texas penal code, Texas code of criminal procedure, and the Texas transportation code. I especially welcome questions regarding any police/citizen contact, i.e. jurisdiction, arrest, search and seizure, and ethics. I will also accept questions regarding Texas county jails such as, inmate rights and privileges, procedural, jail standards, and use of force. I prefer not to answer career related law enforcement questions.

Jim Klein

I can answer questions regarding prison issues, including use of force, classification, security, health service, foodservice, disciplinary issues, and custody levels. I can also answer questions regarding methods of execution, specifically lethal gas and lethal injection, and can address some court decisions regarding both. I am also an FBI certified Negotiator, and have experience in prison hostage situations, and was a tactical team member for almost 12 years.

Chris Cantrell

I prefer not to answer questions about the death penalty, that is an area that is very debatable and far too varied. I prefer questions based on Alabama Law since laws vary from state to state. As for penalties about pending cases anyone can look those up on a search of the state code and courts vary from one to the other so penalties can also.

Jack Toomey

If you are an author asking for help I will gladly assist. I do expect a reasonable donation using the Paypal icon. Please do NOT ask questions about potential jail sentences that you or your friends may receive in court. There is no way for me to know that. I am NOT a probation officer or a parole officer so questions about those subjects will be rejected. I am a police officer with 26 years experience. Can answer questions about crime, police procedure, investigations, criminal law, search and seizure, traffic offenses. Prefer not to answer questions on the death penalty. Please do not ask homework questions. Remember this. The law in every state is different so questions about laws that are specific to your state could be difficult to answer. I also cannot give you legal advice on what to do or not to do in court. I have worked with authors in the past and will be happy to review scenarios or plots with authors to check for believability or accuracy.

Mark Smith

I can answer questions on British murders between 1850 and 1965, especially those that resulted in an execution. If it`s a well documented case I can give an answer quickly, otherwise it may take a little longer to research the case.

Jeffrey Hauck

I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions relating to or related to the broad field of criminal justice.

Dudley Sharp

Any question specific to the death penalty.

Paul Edward Zukowski

Crime & punishment for teens & adults

William A Saunders

On Vacation
returns 12/31/2016
I can answer general questions about the legal system, how the courts work, corrections and law enforcement in general. I cannot provide legal advice.

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2016-11-25 search and seized:

Tudy,    The search of a motor vehicle on the public highway is one of the exceptions to the search warrant requirement.  Apparently another agency informed CHP that you had drugs in the car so that added

2016-10-29 research:

James,       When responding to something like a domestic disturbance there are always at least two officers assigned to the call. We would always park a little ways away and walk up on foot to the house

2016-09-20 Police search warrants:

 Sherry-    The only piece equipment that we are aware of that could do what he was claiming is a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. We are unaware of any commercially available GPS device that could

2016-09-15 speeding ticket:

Jim,    Contact the Officer by tracking down the police department general number and asking to leave him a message.  You could even ask for the Officer's departmental e-mail address and contact him through

2016-09-14 speeding ticket:

Jim,    It sounds like you were traveling through an area/region you don't normally go through.  It would not make sense to me that the citing Officer would dismiss the ticket at court.  My suggestion

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