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Jack Toomey

If you are an author asking for help I will gladly assist you. I do expect a reasonable donation using the Paypal feature. Please do NOT ask questions about potential jail sentences that you or your friends may receive in court. court. There is no way for me to know that. Only a judge could answer a question like that. I am also NOT a probation officer or parole officer so I cannot answer questions that relate to parole or probation. Also please keep in mind that every state has different laws. If you are planning to ask a question about a specific law or criminal charge that pertains to your state only it could be difficult to answer. I also cannot give you legal advice on what to do or what not to do in court. Retired police officer with 26 years experience. Worked in the patrol division as well as over 14 years in the detective bureau. Investigated a wide range of crime such as murder, rape, robbery, theft, fraud, missing persons, and other very sensitive crimes. I am available to answer your questions about criminal law and especially as it applies to police work. I taught at .....

Jeffrey Hauck

I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions relating to or related to the field of criminal law.

Kevin M. Tamez

Kevin M. Tamez serves as one of the most senior and experienced consultants at The MPM Group, Inc. During more than 27 years of both state and federal law enforcement experience, Mr. Tamez held supervisory roles with state law enforcement as well as senior management positions with the U.S. Department of Justice - serving in both domestic as well as foreign posts. In addition to his extensive foreign operational experience, Mr. Tamez is a court adjudicated expert in most Title 18 and Title 21 complex criminal, undercover, and electronic (Title III) intercept investigations. As a senior manager, he is also an authority in most government administrative matters to include Human Resource and Workers’ Compensation issues. Mr. Tamez has broadened his already considerable expertise by authoring various legal reference and inmate advocacy manuals. Mr. Tamez is frequently sought after for his expertise in counseling and preparing convicted law enforcement personnel, politicians, and other “celebrities” for reporting to a federal penal facility.

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2016-09-12 Storage of old case files:

Randee,    Sorry for delay.  For access to the prosecutor's office you would have to petition them.  The first communication can be by a mere letter asking to do so and stating the reasons why.  The case

2016-09-11 Storage of old case files:

Kitt,    I will do my best to answer your questions:    1. The rules are different for each jurisdiction.  Generally, the guidelines for file retention are set forth in local guidelines.  As a rule of

2016-08-14 unauthorized picture-taking:

Debee,    I am sorry you are in that situation.  I wish the information that I can provide was of more use to you.  Unfortunately you are correct about them knowing how far they, the bullies, can push

2016-08-10 unauthorized picture-taking:

Debee,    Although the police may be right about the photography if it was the first incident, you will have grounds for building a case of "Stalking."  See statute below:    *************  RCW 9A.46.110

2016-07-31 Police survalence:

Emily-    The Reader's Digest version is NO. Neither state nor federal law enforcement can encroach on a person's personal property or enter a private residence without the consent of the owner or, in

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