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Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D.

Any questions in the area of Forensic Psychology. I am not a criminologist nor an FBI Behavioral Analyst. "WHY" questions are particularly difficult to answer scientifically (i.e., why do people commit crimes?).

Jeffrey Hauck

I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions relating to or related to the fields of criminology and forensic psychology.

Paul Edward Zukowski

What`s in the minds of arsonists, rapists and murderers. I`m doing a research project related to sexual motivated serial criminals {aronist, rapist, & murders} I have reviewed the FBIs texts on the subject and am preparing a research purposal for them.

David A. Porter

I can answer questions related to criminal and victim psychology, serial homicide, offender rehabilitation, sociopathy, sex crimes, , drug addiction and crime, and careers in criminal justice or Substance Abuse/Mental health care. I cannot and will not answer personal legal questions, or questions related to immediate personal safety.

Jean M Mahan

Mind games criminals play, how to spot lying, gang behavior, sex offenders, how to change criminal behavior, PTSD, sexual abusive victimization.

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli

Cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, online sexual predators, child predators, Internet safety, psychopathology, criminal & forensic psychology and cyber psychology.

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2016-11-27 Writer Creating a Fictional Murderer:

Marisol,     your are very welcome.if you need some background on sociopaths, aka antisocials, you may want to check out my book:

2016-11-23 Writer Creating a Fictional Murderer:

Hello Marisol    Sorry this has taken me so long to respond. I only rec'd the email from Allexperts this AM.     1) Your backstory is plausible. Sometimes, when people experience consecutive losses, such

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