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Andrew Foley

Although, as an American, I am a great admirer of the Protestant-influenced culture which created this country, as well as the zeal and Biblical scholarship of many Protestant denominations and individual Protestants, I am forced to conclude that the Protestant Faith is based on faulty and selective Biblical interpretation as well as erroneous reasoning. While Protestants can of course be good Christians, at its heart Protestantism is religious anarchy which will lead many devout souls to perdition. Jesus prayed that we may "all be one"(JN 17:21) and that there may be "one flock, one shepherd" (JN 10:16). I believe that He established a Church against which "the gates of Hell shall not prevail" (MT 16:18). I don't believe Jesus intended for Christianity to be an eternal debating club, which is the condition to which Sola Scriptura relegates our religion. I'll be glad to try to answer any questions you have, although my special interest is in the Faith/Works question, the question of the Bible's authority, and the dangers of Pentecostalism

Rev. Jason P. Peterson

I welcome the opportunity to answer questions comparing and contrasting the various traditions of Christianity, particuarly in relationship to the Reformation Traditions (Lutheran, Calvinist, etc.). As a Lutheran, I am part of a tradition which many people consider protestant, yet which often stands in sharp contrast to the rest of the non-Catholic portion of Christianity. As a Lutheran theologian, I therefore find myself in a unique position to comment on the strenghts and weaknesses of protestant Christianity, since I am quite sympathetic to many of the critiques of generic protestantism, yet at the same time distinct from the Catholic and Orthodox who typically find the most to critique in the movement. I also take a great interest in examining new Christian movements and popular trends in Christianity from a Lutheran perspective. I have particular expertiese regarding the original Greek text of the New Testament and its meaning, as well as questions regarding liturgy, evangelism, and preaching.

J.M.J. West

I can answer most questions regarding historical Christianity and most of it's sects and divisions from a Catholic perspective. As such, I can offer insight into some of the flaws inherent to the doctrines professed by many of my Protestant brothers and sisters, but I can do so CHARITABLY and while simultaneously acknowledging the vast amounts of truth and goodness inherent within the various denominations. I am knowledgeable in the areas of scripture, history, tradition and philosophy, and I possess a rudimentary understanding of the Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages.

Critics of Protestantism

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