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Ed Matos

I am able to assist with reading patterns, in any format. I been crocheting for about 20+ years. Specialty in intricate pattern, adding bead, sequence, etc.

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2016-08-29 Crochet instruction help.:

Hello Karen:    Thanks for the question.     from he information you gave me, you are skipping the 3 stitches, then doing the TR, then you are going back to work the skipped stitches, making sure you are

2016-08-17 Stuck on crochet tree pattern:

Hello Jean    Thanks for the question.    You mention increases and skips. The instructions you sent me have neither one. I just want to make sure you know some of the stitches in this pattern.  BPDC =

2016-08-13 Cotton crochet/knit yard:

Hello Mary:    They use to be different companies, but now they are not. They have merge and are the same company. The quality for what I can tell has changed. Its not a yarn that I work with often.  

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