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READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE ASKING !!! I will answer any kind of query about their music & instruments. I won't answer questions about private life. Just don't ask or the questions will be rejected. Be sure I won't waste my time explaining why. I'm not able and (above all) not willing to answer questions about their wives (please subscribe to the Sunday Sun for this kind of questions, you may find answers). Sounds crazy to write that but I've received some really stupid queries about this subject lately... Other point of interest before you send questions : I'm not a psychanalyst. All questions revolving around you loving Robert as a dad (or lover) are no questions but matter of fact. I'll be delighted not to answer these queries... Last but not least : I won't answer people who don't even care reading replies (yeah, strange, but some "people" do that, showing the interest they put in their own questions and how the respect the time given by volunteers...). No read or rate ? no further questions answered !

Jenny Sometimes

I can answer questions concerning lyrics, discography, chronology, line-ups etc. I can't answer any technical questions, i.e. about the band's instruments or other equipment. I wish I could - it would be great to understand how that stuff works and how to use it. But I'm useless in that department, because the wiring inside my head is fucked.


I can answer most questions pertsining to Roberts interviews, lyrics, personal (Published)information.. and what kind of personality he has.

Rob McNeill

I can answer just about any questions regarding songs, albums, members, etc.. I can even answer questions about what music gear and equipment The Cure uses.

Sandro Nunes

I can answer almost everything you can think of Robert Smith to Michael Dempsey and from 1959 to this year.

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2017-01-14 simon's bass : hollowbody:

Hello, (and happy new year)    It depends what era you are talking about, because he used many different models.   Well anyway as for hollowbodies, here is a list of what he used :     - 1987 : Black Epiphone

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