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Questions concerning government, politics, elections, world events, and current events in the U.S.

Paul Edward Zukowski

I can comment on most things in the news especially in the areas of government, law, military action, constitutional issues etc. My prospective is conservative but I can play devils advocate.

Marc Aperio

I'm capable of answering most any question related to current events in the US, including political, social, and cultural issues.

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Yes Federal election law requires political ads to say who paid for it. 'Im'so and so and I approved this message' is simply a way of doing that when its done by the person who is running.  Outside groups

2016-10-27 Verify:

They get story from 2 or more sources, normally from a reporter on scene. I could also involve official statement from a government agency such as the police as sources. Comments off the record would be

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Current Events: U.S.

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