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I can cover all home games from 75-76. Have knowledge of all music performed as well as halftime shows. I'm in possession of archived videos from the Dallas Cowboy Band performances as well as rehearsals with a few of the cheerleaders.

Fred Goodwin

My particular expertise is Dallas Cowboys history from 1960-1988 (the Landry era); I'm also a Cowboys book fanatic (I have almost 300 different Cowboys-related titles), and I also collect Cowboys football cards (but stopped in 93). But I am not an expert in the value of cards or collectibles – so please don't ask.

Before you ask: "So-and-so" almost certainly DID NOT PLAY for the Cowboys -- trust me! Before you ask me, ask the guy for proof!

Finally, I DO NOT ANSWER “PRIVATE” QUESTIONS! My work requires research, so the results must be made public.

Duke Ha

I have extensive knowledge of the 1990's-Present Dallas Cowboys teams. Specifically, team uniforms, equipment, and so forth. I own numerous Cowboys memorabilia and would love to one day write a book on the evolution of the team's uniforms dating back to their inception in 1960. I may not be able to answer most Cowboys questions prior to the 1990's as I was but a youth at the time :-).

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