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Lauren Stevens

I can answer all questions pertaining to dating, dating at 50+, online dating, health and sexual issues regarding relationships.


can answer all inquiries relating to dating/relationships REGARDLESS of age or other factors, making the appropriate adjustments in thought/advice for each unique editor, "dating for dummies", dr joy browne..BA psychology, graduate study, fordham univ school of social work..

Relationship Counsellor

I am quite experienced and matured enough to handle questions related to following topics: 1) Love- Friendship 2) Issues in all kinds of relationships. 3) making a relationship work. 4) Effective tips to sustain a relationship. 5) Sex related queries. Well as of now haven't come across any such questions, which would offend me or I lack expertise in, but am a straight forward person and doesn't hold my wordings back. I don't mind being honest in case I lack knowledge about particular aspect and quite flexible to accept genuine views of others or seek other professionals for my case studies, to help the clients out.

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2016-08-01 amiga...:

You are using excuses for not having true love in your life, but you are not living an authentic life. If your wife can love you then another woman can too. It's not what you look like on the outside it's

2016-08-01 amiga...:

I don't know why they do not respond to your messages however I can tell you what I think . They know you're married and what can you offer them long term? They are looking for their own future and husband

2016-08-01 amiga...:

My question to you is, why hasn't your psychiatrists and therapists helped? If you're bored of your wife and marriage, how have you tried to make it better? It sounds like you focus a good deal on you

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