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I can answer all sorts of childcare-related questions; I have lots of knowledge in this area.If you would like to receive an expedite, knowledgeable, polite response to your questions, please ask me! I try my best to reply to questions in less than 2 hours (this is in effect from 4PM to 10PM, Monday's through Friday's, and from 11AM to 10PM on Saturday's and Sunday's - I'm a full-time student.)

I recently started a childcare referral business that mainly serves Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Illinois. Wildflower Babysitting ( was started in July of 2009 and I now oversee around 500 sitters, nannies and daycare providers.

I founded Velociteen in 2006 (, a website made especially by teens, for teens. I have gained a lot of experience from creating and managing that organization.

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