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Dr. Kelley Linton

I'm an audiologist in private practice in Arkansas. I graduated from the University of Florida medical school. I specialize in hearing loss; hearing rehabilitation; hearing aids; noise induced hearing loss; occupational noise exposure; OSHA guidelines and regulations; hearing protection; tinnitis; newborn hearing testing; children and hearing loss and diagnosis and etiology of hearing loss.

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2017-01-20 tinnitus:

The eardrum may take a couple of weeks to heal.  If has already been that long then it probably will not heal with this new medicine and will probably need surgery to repair it.  There is no guarantee

2017-01-19 tinnitus:

Manish,    The medicine will certainly not hurt the healing and may help, however, the eardrum will usually repair itself.  The tissue that makes up the eardrum regrows and repairs itself.    In some instances

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