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Mark Morsching

Deck framing and attachment, deck building

Tony Wood

I can answer questions pertaining to deck design and construction and offer insight into the pros and cons of various designs and materials options.

Michael Romano

I can answer any questions relating to decks, porches, exterior stairs & railings, walkways, access ramps, pergolas, deck roofs, screen rooms, etc... These may include design ideas, footing to framing design & construction methods, various species of woods vs. composites & pvc/vinyl materials for decking, skirting, or railing applications. I also have expertise in various rain-free systems for under-deck storage & living spaces.

Eugene Clayton

I would be happy to answer any question reguarding the construction of decks, composites verses natural materials, structure support systems,railing applications,stair design, how to figure stairs etc.. Pretty much anything that has to do with decks and or porches.

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2016-08-30 New Deck Beams:

    They do look abnormally aged. Are you sure that they are pressure treated? If they are not, then they absolutely must be replaced! What state are you in. I'm in NJ, and we have nice looking pressure

2016-08-29 New Deck Beams:

Hi Annette,          Yes, Bondo sounds pretty ridiculous to me too. I have never heard of using Bondo on wood like that. Those girders look to be possibly 4x6 or 4x8. It's hard to tell from the photos

2016-08-23 deck:

Hey David,          Would it be possible for you to take either a circular saw or cut-off tool (like a 4"-6" or so grinder) with a masonry blade, and cut a horizontal slit into the stones and mortar? You

2016-08-17 Deck sealing:

Hey Shaun,          Now, I'm more of a carpenter and deck builder than a painter or someone necessarily experienced with various sealing products...but I'll tell you what I can. :-)        You are correct

2016-08-17 Sealing a deck:

Hi Shaun,    I must say I am skeptical of using plywood for the flooring of an un-roofed deck and even more so of sealing it with the products you specified.  There are specific and legitimate reasons

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