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R. Ferguson

Some technical knowledge in connectivity, systems, cameras, image/video software. I am better at project development, scripting, organization, conceptualization. I know Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, AfterEffects, some Avid, and some others but am no real expert on them. I also have knowledge in multimedia.

Jonathan H Pienaar

South Africa
Professional Final Cut Pro HD editor, with some experience in DVD Studio Pro, Motion and Shake. Currently working mainly for South Africa's version of "60 Minutes" - "Carte Blanche". I have not yet made the transition to FCP X -- I'm waiting for the dust to settle on that, so in the meantime a good resource is Larry Jordan ( Please don't post questions about hooking up PVRs, DVDs and hi-fis - there must be an Expert in the Home Entertainment section who can help you better than I can.

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2017-01-12 Desktop Dsplay:

Are you talking about just using it as a computer monitor or for monitoring your video as you edit? (I do video/tv production questions....that's why I'm asking.) if you want to use it to monitor as you

2017-01-03 DV camcorders, etc.:

I would. Using them only once is best case, of course, but if you're using good quality tapes and you keep your gear in good working order, I'd think you'd be fine. We used to reuse them all the time with

2017-01-03 Importing video for dv editing:

1) You won't need Firewire. Just use the SD slot on your computer. It will be a whole lot faster.  2) Yes. It should be exactly the same as before as long as you put it somewhere that you can find easily

2016-12-31 Importing video for dv editing:

YES!!!! Tape has all but disappeared from the production industry. Shooting to memory cards (SD is the most common) is definitely the way to go. Transfer time is a lot shorter than having to dump it real

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