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Jim Delillo

ALmost any question about traditional (film) or digital photography including techical, technique, lighting, darkroom, Photoshop, marketing and business.

sanjay bajaj

I can answer questions relating to Digital Cameras, how to choose, whats right digital camera various usage of digital camera I would not be able to comment on the Photography software for editing

Vipin Joshi

I can answer all questions related to buying/choosing a Digital Camera, SLR Camera, Lenses etc. I will help you choose the best product with a holistic approach, keeping in mind your requirement and budget.

John Holland

I can answer questions about managing digital images/files, naming conventions, and using software packages to organize them for viewing. I can also help with questions about scanning photos, negatives or slides. I can address use of Picasa and Photoshop Elements programs.

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2016-09-20 lenses for digital camera:

These lenses can be mounted on a Nikon full frame camera.  They may not have all of the features and capabilities such as auto-focus or auto-exposure.  Mounting these lenses will not damage the lens or

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