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K Fairweather

Disaster planning, response, federal response assistance, personal and community preparation, rules and regulations, FEMA, family disaster plans, tips on home preparedness, flood, tornado, hurricane response questions, where to find local information, where to find disaster information, where to find assistance, disaster housing assistance, communication in emergencies, finding loved ones, pets and disaster, health questions in disaster, unemployment after disaster, other similar question, emergency, emergency response, emergency action, emergency plan, emergency first aid, emergency children, emergency disabled, warning, watch, emergency warning, evacuation, hurricane, floods, flash flood, emergency communication, disaster communication, survival, emergency survival, emergency supplies, emergency food, emergency water, emergency assistance

Heather Taracka

I am an Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Instructor and I created and operate the website My primary area of expertise is in individual and family emergency and disaster preparedness. I also have knowledge in neighborhood and organizational emergency preparedness. Ask me questions about necessary steps to take to prepare your home,family, organization or neighborhood for a multitude of natural or man-made disasters, as each possible disaster has different preparatory steps.

Neil Scott

Anything on UK emergency planning, emergency services specifically health. Ambulance Service Clinical and Emergency Response

Disaster Planning

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