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Roland Finston

Get a Free Fast answer to your repair question about a Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth car, minivan, SUV, or truck. Problems with electronically controlled engines and transmissions as well as body wiring problems are my specialty. This free troubleshoot advice forum helps you diagnose faults, minimize repair costs or do-it-yourself.

I answer questions seven days a week and respond to you in about 30 minutes. "Maxed Out" means I am answering another question or asleep overnight so try again later.

I have do-it-yourself experience (50+ years) and a library of 100 1982-2012 Chrysler factory shop manuals and 20 multi-manual Chrysler Corp. CD's.

I was voted "Top expert" from 2010-2015 here at AllExperts, and have answered 20,000+ questions.


Free Dealer trained advice. Dealer trained 15 years Now owner of KEVIN'S MOBILE REPAIR in Atlanta GA I have a mobile Chrysler,Dodge and Jeep repair service in ATLANTA area Email me with Work requests Web page WWW.KEVINSMOBILEREPAIR.COM Master AC Master Drive ability Master Electrical Master Brakes Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep Tech for 14 Plus years Questions 96 and up only. Please don't ask about a noise,a fluid leak or how much something is to fix thanks.

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2016-12-07 '05 Dodge Neon Won't Crank:

Hi Brian,  If you are not getting 12v to the starter's solenoid switch, and yet the starter relay is clicking, then check whether you have 12v on the brown output wire at the relay when it clicks, and

2016-12-01 '05 Dodge Neon Won't Crank:

Hi Brian,  The starter relay clicking means that the safety switch is good. So if the red wire at the relay (25) has 12v on it, and the relay is good, then when the relay clicks the brown wire should show

2016-11-30 2001 Ram Van 1500 check gauges problem:

Hi Glenn,  I agree with beginning by checking the battery cables, not only the clamps, but also the other end of the cables. There are either 2 or 3 wires on the - clamp so check the far ends of those

2016-11-29 2001 Ram Van 1500 check gauges problem:

Hi Glenn,  There are no violet/white or purple/white wires associated with the alternator circuits, only red/white. But if you can follow that wire to determine where the other end is attached let me know

2016-11-29 '04 Ram emissions issue:

Hi Rick,  These systems are complicated but fairly well monitored. I suggest that you reconnect purge solenoid and any other part that is not connected. Then disconnect the battery briefly to ideally erase

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