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Karla Haas

Welcomes questions regarding cooking for dogs, and may be able to provide information regarding pet food quality and ingredients. Not qualified to answer medical questions.

Marie ( Recipes) How to home cook for your pooch

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( My readers may contact me at ) *Need a dog food recipe for special needs? - Just ask Marie: Marie Peppers, Experience Licensed Nurse Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplements certifications* My comments to your questions are not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise or treatment ~ CUSTOM RECIPE for your Pet's Special needs. The Fee for this service is 35.00 for each pet's profile of recipes. I guarantee you will be happy or your money back. Thanks, Marie Peppers MA LPN/NC Write to my e-mail please

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2016-09-02 What dog food is good?:

Hello.  You can boil a whole chicken chopped ,remove bones and skin. Add barley brown rice or quinoa, sweet potatoes and spinach or green beans.  Put in a blender, cool and divide into serving size portions

2016-07-25 dog food change?:

Hi Ashley,  I do not recommend brands in this forum, but I can offer guidance to educate you about confusing and deceptive ingredient labels and nutrition.         Here is a simplified article about labels:

2016-07-25 ice cream:

Hi Regina and thanks for asking this question which is not easy to answer with a simple yes or no.    It really depends on many factors and variables, such as: the individual dog's regular diet, his inherent

2016-07-06 Curcumin 95% Bad for Pets?:

Hi Jen,    Kefir and goats milk both have more active cultures and probi than yogurt, and the raw goats milk is pretty inexpensive.  You simply serve a few tablespoons per day either with food or alone

2016-07-06 Curcumin 95% Bad for Pets?:

Hi.  You are obviously a very caring parent and your recipe sounds wonderful.  Hate to see you waste it - Instead of throwing it away how about making another batch without the turmeric and mixing together?

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