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ElizaBeth CRONK (Horch)

Professional Dog Groomer-How to groom dogs- all breeds but specialize in the Art of the Hand Plucked Terrier, Bichon and Portugese Water Dog. Scissoring, clippering, and most known for hand plucked terrier skills. I am well known for my private business in Manhattan. I train owners and professionals looking to upgrade their skills Trained at NY School of Dog Grooming and apprenticed with several Internationally known expert breeders, handlers, and judges, assisted many years Westminster and Montgomery Kennel club shows.

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2016-08-17 Grooming of a Bolognese Dog:

Hi Sam,  those seeds can be very nasty and grow into the skin- we call similar things Foxtails here and they burrow or germinate in moist skin. Get them out quick. Use the slicker with your finger against

2016-08-11 Hand stripping:

Hi Angela,  Thanks for rescuing! I am a strong advocate of breed rescues.  I am glad you did your research and sorry it was because you had one of "those" experiences. The difference is so huge visually

2016-08-06 Grooming of a Bolognese Dog:

Hi Sam,  What you see in pictures and shows are not realistic in the real world unless you are a professional groomer or have trained as one. And they use tricks when showing them. Like, they wrap the

2016-07-21 hand plucking a fox terrier:

If you are serious about lessons you can contact me through my website- however I can tell you that isn't cheap either - 2 sessions totaling around 10 hours 8 weeks apart  I can teach you how to use your

2016-07-13 How to remove pee stain from fur:

Hi Rikki  The unfortunate condition is only rectified by quick action. The longer the urine sits in the fur the less likely it will be to get it removed if at all.   The best product  I have used is ProLine

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