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Sarah Maki

I'm happy to help with all obedience and training related questions. Although I work as a trainer solving behavioral issues, I do not feel comfortable providing advice or suggestions for aggression, resource guarding, phobias or other behavioral problems without evaluating a dog in person, those are areas where I believe a personal consultation is necessary.

Chris Cantrell

Typically answer questions about basic obedience and search and rescue training for any types/breeds of dogs. I DO NOT answer questions regarding any health related issues. I DO NOT PROMISE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS OTHER THAN THE AREAS I HAVE LISTED. If you are going to ask a question I do expect to get sufficient information. I cannot make any promises that I can answer your question if it is a behavioral issue because you have to be around the animal to properly evaluate what the animal is or is not doing so do not expect a miracle through email.

Adrienne Janet Farricelli CPDT-KA

I can provide advice on training and behavioral problems ranging from minor issues such as potty training to serious issues such as aggression. I cannot give out veterinary advice as this is obviously out of my spectrum, but I may recommend veterinarian visits for behavioral problems that may stem from a possible health problem.

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2017-02-04 Barking when I leave and now a bite too:

Hello and thank you for contacting All Experts,     As with all cases of biting involving people or other dogs, I always recommend an in-person assessment from a dog behavior professional so to assess

2017-01-28 5 Year Old Maltese:

Hello, and thank you for contacting All Experts,  First of all, thank you for re-homing Landon, he's very fortunate to have such a loving and caring owner!    Considering Landon's history of being nervous

2017-01-17 7 y old maltese:

Thanks for getting in touch.     I think you will benefit from getting in touch with a dog trainer that has a good background in animal behavior. You may want to check with your veterinarian to see if

2017-01-05 Why dogs howl?:

Hi.   That is a good question. There are a lot of potential reasons. A quick web search put it really nicely and also gives you other links in case there is a medical issue.    I thought you would benefit

2016-12-30 afraid to go outside:

Hi! Thanks for adopting little Gryffin, sounds like he needs a safe home :)    A few days isn't very long, even for a puppy, so he may come around with a little more time in his new place. Be consistent

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