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Sarah Maki

I'm happy to help with all obedience and training related questions. Although I work as a trainer solving behavioral issues, I do not feel comfortable providing advice or suggestions for aggression, resource guarding, phobias or other behavioral problems without evaluating a dog in person, those are areas where I believe a personal consultation is necessary.

Adrienne Janet Farricelli CPDT-KA

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returns 03/31/2017
I can provide advice on training and behavioral problems ranging from minor issues such as potty training to serious issues such as aggression. I cannot give out veterinary advice as this is obviously out of my spectrum, but I may recommend veterinarian visits for behavioral problems that may stem from a possible health problem.

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2017-03-21 Teaching dog not to chase cars:

Hi Miriam!     I know it is tempting to use aversive equipment when we are scared for our dog's safety but please consider the physical damage that can happen when we put a choke or prong on our puppy's

2017-03-21 Guarding breed mixes and cats:

Hello!     First, thanks for rescuing! There are so many deserving dogs out there and it sounds like the one you are considering is a sweetie :)    Getting a younger dog does give you a better chance of

2017-02-19 Whining/anxiety:

Hello, and thank you for contacting All Experts,    It is great to know that your lab/pit mix is not destructive,loves being around other people and dogs, and is overall social. A great chunk of behavior

2017-02-04 Barking when I leave and now a bite too:

Hello and thank you for contacting All Experts,     As with all cases of biting involving people or other dogs, I always recommend an in-person assessment from a dog behavior professional so to assess

2017-01-28 5 Year Old Maltese:

Hello, and thank you for contacting All Experts,  First of all, thank you for re-homing Landon, he's very fortunate to have such a loving and caring owner!    Considering Landon's history of being nervous

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