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ruth kraft

I can answer any question pertaining to a doula, why to hire one, to how I manage in the business as a single mom of 2 young kids, to our purpose and what to ask when looking for or hiring one.

Melodie Brown C.D.

I can provide answers to questions such as the benifits of a doula, how to find the doula that will provide the services you want, natural methods of pain reliefe, how to write a birth plan,and general postpartum/breastfeeding information. I have moderate knowledge in things such as aromatherapy, acupressure, birth/labor positions and homeopathy. I also have knowledge in things reguarding birth location/type. Such as home births, planned c-sections, vaginal, and VBAC.

Dorothy Haines, CD(DONA), LCCE

I can answer questions from couples thinking about hiring a birth doula (questions dealing with hiring a doula, benefits of having a doula, her role, questions to ask a doula, concerns about hiring a doula) I can also questions from women thinking about a career as a doula.


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