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Shannon Marshall Lush

I am mostly conversant with the era of the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, however I have a deep and thorough knowledge of the entire history of the series as well as the spinoff merchandise. I edit a local magazine devoted to the series as well. I have limited knowledge of the audio plays and the book range; mainly it is the series itself I am familiar with. I enjoy the production and effects realm of the series and the factual minutia as much as the stories themselves.

Mikael Barnard

Just ask! Many years of viewing and study, in the unlikely event I don`t know the answer chances are I will be able to find out very easily/quickly. Ask away! PLEASE NOTE: My expertise only extends to 'classic' Doctor Who (i.e. 1963-1989), I DO NOT answer questions about the 'new' series (2005-).


I can answer pretty much any question about the classic series, my speciality is info about episodes, but I also know some trivia, and all the info about the main actors, I also know all the broadcast times for all the episodes, and the most and least popular doctors, and stories, although, much of my expertise is in the television shows, so I can't help with paul mcgann questions!

Andy Whitehead

I'm a big fan of Dr Who with a vivid imagination. I'm good with questions about the fictional universe of Dr Who. If you have questions about series continuity or specific story details, I'm your man. I own just about every episode of the classic series and I'm a fan of the new series. I'm in my twenties now and as a child I loved Dr Who so I watched all the stories a lot. That means I've got a lot of knowledge about the series that I've accumulated from years of immersing myself in the fictional universe of Dr Who. I own a lot of books on Dr Who, too, so if you have a detailed question about the series' production or philosophies, chances are I'll be able to find it quite easily. I'm also a sound technician by trade so if you have any questions about the music of Dr Who, particularly the iconic theme tune, I have a lot of knowledge in that area.

Harry Hayfield

In the Doctor`s 40th anniversary year, there are bound to people with question about Doctor Who. If you have such a question, then I shall try my best to answer it for you. Doctor Who is a television program and not a doctor, MD, physican.

Alex Shepiro

Know which actors played what role, a lot of triva about stories and companions and plot lines. This is about The British Science Ficiton Show Doctor Who. Please do not ask me about anything medical, for I am not a Doctor.

Juli A. Dunn

I can answer pretty much any question regarding "Doctor Who" both the classic series and the New series. I can name any number of facts about the program/stars.


Wondering about the TARDIS? Did you ever want to know: if the rooms move, if there is more than one control room, or if people can die in the TARDIS? Ask away...

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