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Juli A. Dunn

I can answer pretty much any question regarding "Doctor Who" both the classic series and the New series. I can name any number of facts about the program/stars.


Wondering about the TARDIS? Did you ever want to know: if the rooms move, if there is more than one control room, or if people can die in the TARDIS? Ask away...

Andy Whitehead

I'm a big fan of Dr Who with a vivid imagination. I'm good with questions about the fictional universe of Dr Who. If you have questions about series continuity or specific story details, I'm your man. I own just about every episode of the classic series and I'm a fan of the new series. I'm in my twenties now and as a child I loved Dr Who so I watched all the stories a lot. That means I've got a lot of knowledge about the series that I've accumulated from years of immersing myself in the fictional universe of Dr Who. I own a lot of books on Dr Who, too, so if you have a detailed question about the series' production or philosophies, chances are I'll be able to find it quite easily. I'm also a sound technician by trade so if you have any questions about the music of Dr Who, particularly the iconic theme tune, I have a lot of knowledge in that area.


I can answer pretty much any question about the classic series, my speciality is info about episodes, but I also know some trivia, and all the info about the main actors, I also know all the broadcast times for all the episodes, and the most and least popular doctors, and stories, although, much of my expertise is in the television shows, so I can't help with paul mcgann questions!

Mikael Barnard

Just ask! Many years of viewing and study, in the unlikely event I don`t know the answer chances are I will be able to find out very easily/quickly. Ask away! PLEASE NOTE: My expertise only extends to 'classic' Doctor Who (i.e. 1963-1989), I DO NOT answer questions about the 'new' series (2005-).

Harry Hayfield

In the Doctor`s 40th anniversary year, there are bound to people with question about Doctor Who. If you have such a question, then I shall try my best to answer it for you. Doctor Who is a television program and not a doctor, MD, physican.

Alex Shepiro

Know which actors played what role, a lot of triva about stories and companions and plot lines. This is about The British Science Ficiton Show Doctor Who. Please do not ask me about anything medical, for I am not a Doctor.

Shannon Marshall Lush

I am mostly conversant with the era of the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, however I have a deep and thorough knowledge of the entire history of the series as well as the spinoff merchandise. I edit a local magazine devoted to the series as well. I have limited knowledge of the audio plays and the book range; mainly it is the series itself I am familiar with. I enjoy the production and effects realm of the series and the factual minutia as much as the stories themselves.

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