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Time Freeze Visionary

I can answer whatever questions anyone has about Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball GT. I can also answer questions about Dragon Ball Online.

Francian Clarke

Hey my name is Francian Clarke.The type of questions that I can answer is only on the topic of Dragon Ball z Kia and all questions in Dragon Ball z Gt. Thier are some questions I cannot answer and that is in Dragon Ball Z. But overall all my friends and family consider me as an expert.

DBZ Guru (Kellen Engen)

I can and will answer anything about the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai, or Dragon Ball GT animes, movies, TV Specials, or the Manga. I own all of this material, as my profile picture shows. In terms of my expertise, here is a link for all the perspective you will need: Anything you can think of that pertains to the Dragon Ball world, (including Dragon Ball Super) feel free to ask, and I will answer correctly.


Primarily I can answer questions regarding Dragonball, Z, and the respective films and specials, though I do have knowledge of GT and its television special as well.

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2016-07-12 If the boost is real, why did Gohan doubt the power increase himself in the viz?:

1) We have seen instances before of someone getting significantly stronger through training of some fasion and not knowing about it until after they were done. For example, when Goku was trying to get

2016-07-11 If the boost is real, why did Gohan doubt the power increase himself in the viz?:

1) The way Gohan comes up with the notion that his power increase might have been what the legend was actually about suggests that, until the sword broke, he hadn't even considered his own strength as

2016-07-09 If the boost is real, why did Gohan doubt the power increase himself in the viz?:

1) He thought the sword itself was exaggerated in terms of being an all-powerful weapon capable of defeating Buu. Up to that point, it was clear that everyone (him, Kaioushin, etc) thought that the weapon

2016-07-07 Gohan and Gotenks:

1) It's not 100% clear which of the two is stronger, but Piccolo, upon seeing Goten and Trunks fuse into base form Gotenks following the boys training, let out hopeful indication that their strength had

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