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Paul E

I can answer questions about repairing drums,recovering,modifying,and custom design. Questions about gigging ie. attitude to others, agents,punters,band members, family and friends etc. The philosophy of drums in general, oh yea there is a philosophy in drums and drumming.


If one has a question about building a kit or snare I can help them out in that department. I know a lot about finishes types of wood how many plys etc: If someone wanted to know a year their snare or kit was built I can help them out. I try to stay away on questions regarding how much is this or that is worth.

The Doctor

I answer a variety of drums & percussion related questions. I have multiple music degrees and years of experience in the field.

When asking your question:
1. Please be clear in your message.
2. Provide actual question(s).
3. Please keep it short and concise.
4. Save my one-question-per-day for someone else if you can find the answer on your own.

Please, *no* questions regarding: serial numbers, appraisals, pricing, value, restorations, or when a particular instrument was made. Thank you.

Mike Shapiro

I can answer questions regarding drum and percussion subjects. If you have a question about technique, rudiments, grooves, fills, styles, reading (etc.) in relation to the drum set... ask away! I'm also able to help with timpani, vibes, marimba and hand percussion. I can also answer questions regarding the purchasing of drum and percussion instruments and accessories, including vintage and current items. I can help with restoration projects or research with the history of percussion instruments, music, repertoire, manufacturers etc.

Lynne May

Any questions regarding drumming--rudiments, fills, beats, reading music, tabs, other topics. Any questions regarding drums--buying, tuning, etc. Please do not flag questions as "private". To do so prevents others from benefiting from the answer. For this reason,I will not answer private questions.

Steve Parker

I can help you with setup, tuning and playing techniques of your drums.

James Moyer

Anything in percussion or drums. Macintosh computers or music software

Justin Robards

I can answer questions on any marching or symphonic percussion instruments. I can give ideas for pit setups, battery setups, practice procedures, or anything else marching or symphonic percussion-wise. I can pretty much cover all percussion categories but I am not as strong as I`d like to be in latin and african percussion. Marching percussion is my forte. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME HOW MUCH A VINTAGE DRUM OR MALLET INSTRUMENT IS WORTH. I AM NOT AN ARCHIVER. ASK A LOCAL MUSIC STORE FOR THIS. Thanks!

the"Drum Doctor"/ Mike Fillion

All percussion & drum questions including:history-construction- repairs,refinishing,restorations,conversions,custom building & cymbal questions.Also any questions about the music business-touring-studios and producing.

Karl Kleinebreil

I can answer questions about the value of drums and how to do repairs and tuning. I can give advice about various stages of the drum career and advice on how to join and behave in a band and how to get other jobs in the industry. I can give advice about how to find students and run your own teaching studio and how to run a music studio from a store. I can give advice on buying and selling drums and how to build the arsenal of drums and chops you want. If you have questions about drums, I have answers.

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2017-03-06 RE Wrap question:

Steve,    I am not covering drums any longer.    One of the main reasons is that they changed the recovering material and in response to this they also changed the glue.    The new coverings and the glue

2017-02-05 stomping/bass drum question:

Yes, when someone stomps their foot on a hard surface, it puts a lot of strain and pressure on the knee more so than the ankle.  A couple of basic exercises to get started would be to play 4 quarter notes

2017-02-04 stomping/bass drum question:

Hi Hank,  Yes, we do have exercises but they involve using a bass drum pedal. In terms of stomping (like on the old blues records which is very cool) I don't know what to suggest except be careful not

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