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Roger Ellman

Helping small companies ensure their website has the right approach for greatest success in appealing to visitors, customers. Promotion effectively via the internet (but can answer only 1 or 2 specific questions at a time, here!). We know what works and what does not. We need a description of the website and the business it is serving (or intends to). I will try to proffer advice that bridges the gap between the "tech" or "IT" people and those with less of a technical approach. If you have the idea and are business-savvy - but the "newspeak" of high technology gets you down, you`ve come to the right place!

Thomas Waters

I can answer questions from business owners on how to reduce risk and cost when accepting any form of electronic payments. The Credit Card Processing industry is immense and many business owners simply do not understand how they are being billed. I have contributed to the conversion, re-engineering, set-up and integration of the credit card acceptance methods for over 1,000 clients. For almost 9 years I have seen the rise and fall of thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes. I have knowledge and information on how to set up and run many different types of companies.

Michael Michelini

selling on ebay, selling on your own website via ecommerce, listing on google adwords, landing pages,

Richard Seltzer

Thinking "out-of-the-box" -- seeing Internet-related opportunities that may have been missed. Taking basic business/technology ideas and expressing them in terms of user benefits and long-term implications. Helping startups that have depended on early adopters to revise their content to reach and serve a general audience. Using content and knowledge of search engines to build traffic to Web sites. Helping to build successful chat events and forums.

Steve Valiquette

Service providers and customers alike can benefit from my experience in establishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Call Center Support Procedures, Issues Management, Special Event Procedures, Disaster/Recovery Planning, Catastrophic Event Management, and day-to-day Server Farm issues. I also have significant experience in project management, project lifecycle planning and product development. I can contribute to many "how-tos" like: how to build a website, how to develop project management procedures, How to get the most from your hosting provider and much more.

Lee Horner

California & Arizona attorney,previously a Director of Rexall Showcase International, an international e-commerce home based business focusing on natural health remedies and sports nutritionals. I analyze all sorts of home based busineses for clients as well as franchise operations, joint ventures, etc. I can tell you what to look for in a good opportunity and what to stay away from. I don't do homework questions and I'm not looking for a business opportunity. If I can help you assess one or more of them, let me know.

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If you can give your bank the time that you called, they can search their voice records. Both VISA and the bank record their calls.    If the bank continues to refuse to refund the fraudulent charges,

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