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Michael Colvin

I am an expert of Star Trek: TNG, VOY. I am also very knowledgeable about DS9 and TOS, but there are far better resources about these two shows than me. My specialty is being able to answer general trivia questions, but I am capable of explaining the science behind a lot of the episodes. Because I have almost every episode on tape, and memory is quite good, I can easily and quickly answer questions.Now that these shows are now in syndications, I want to help keep their memory alive.


**PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT ANSWER SONG QUESTIONS** `ER` has been my number 1 favorite show since the 2nd Season. I can answer almost any and all questions about characters, what happened in a specific episode... you name it, I can most likely answer it. I have seasons 1-7 on DVD.


Ok I know everything about ER the ER cast and the characters(especially Doug and Carol), and in the case where I don`t know the answer I will search the all net to try and find the answer. So come on send a question and test. BTW I will usually answer within a day or two. also be aware that music from season 12 and above are harder to find, since they are considered to be fresh new episodes, but send the question any way. i'll do my best. Oh and I love to be rated so if you thought I was any good I will be more then happy if you`ll rate me, it only takes a minute.


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