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MaryAnn F. Kohl

I am an expert on art for children. I believe in the process of art more than the finished product. I have written ten+ books on art for children, and have tons of ideas to share!


I will answer questions in the area of Child Development for children ages two to five. This includes social, emotional, cognitive & language development, large motor & fine motor skills, behavioral issues, potty training and parental concerns. I can give ideas for lesson plans and classroom activities. I will also help with daycare/preschool policies. I can also help with licensing requirements for preschools/daycare, however, I am only familiar with the licensing requirements for the state of Michigan.

Cindy Caporaso

I can answer questions in various areas of child development including ages and stages, how to foster growth in the development of young children, what to look for in early childhood centers and in early childhood providers. and ways to stimulate a child`s natural curiosity. I am fully versed in the Creative Curriculum and teach CDA for all age groups.


I can help with the following categories: infant-toddler care,curriculum for two through five year olds, Child Development Associate (CDA), teacher-parent concerns, classroom projects and ideas, developmental questions, lesson planning, developmentally appropriate practice, child care director questions. I can give information based on my experiences, opinions, and education although I cannot answer questions that require psycholgical or developmental diagnosis.

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