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Ashraf Nisseem

Peace be with you. I am an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox. I can answer questions about the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox beliefs, especially Coptic beliefs.

Chrysostomos Robert Geis

I am academically and canonically qualified to answer all questions on ethics, ritual, and questions of philosophy as it regards Eastern Orthodoxy. I see that some questions answered here in the site on Eastern Orthodoxy are given a black and white tone. My approach is more [pastoral, which would acknowledge that the human situation does not always come in answers of black and white.


I can answer general questions about the teachings of the Orthodox Church and Orthodox monasticism, particularly differences from Protestants and Catholics.

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2016-09-30 long hair:

I'm not quite certain regarding your focus on this particular issue. I try here to answer questions on Orthodoxy that pertain to grace and salvation. The issue of Nazarite practice of hair length in comparison

2016-09-28 long hair:

If I may, I direct you to website http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/clergy_hair.aspx which has an entire history of the issue which you raise. Suffice it for me here to say that physical appearance is not

2016-09-23 infant baptism:

Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism have very different ideas about the meaning of "original sin", so we also have very different ideas about what baptism actually accomplishes.    The Romans believe that

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