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Jane Akshar

I have extensive knowledge of tourism in Egypt, specifically Luxor, and Egyptology in general. I can answer questions on travel, hotels, restaurants as well as about the sites and dealing with the locals. I can tell recommend deserted sites where you are the only tourist, local guides who will take you walking over the hills, reliable drivers, taxis, donkey and camel men, sailing and motor boat captains. I can answer questions on Egyptology as I have been involved with Egyptology for over 40 years and have contacts in the Antiquities department and with many of the Archaeological teams in Luxor.

Mohamed Mostafa

I can help you with your travel related questions before you visit Egypt. I know most of the little hidden tricks and tips and can be of great aid to you when planning a holiday as I live in Port Said and work as lecturer.

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2017-03-14 Clarification Question about Relationship Intentions:

Dear Michaela    You may be aware that more is communicated by the way someone says something, than by the words they actually use. You are therefore the best person to judge this person's intentions.

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