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Dave Nyce

I have been an electronics engineer for many years. I can answer questions on analog and digital circuits and my specialty is sensors.


All technical areas of Electronics Engineering.

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2016-09-26 Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

There is no reason for the failure of the motor or the components upon loss of power.  The motor merely costs down to stop and stays dormant until power is again  applied.  They are simple motors with

2016-09-25 Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

Not sure I understand your question.      Seems you are talking about household major appliances which use electric motors inside.  Sudden breakage of the power suggests you are talking about a sudden

2016-09-22 Remote control has a mind of its own:

I'd still look at the batteries you are using.  Old circuits are generally not as tolerant to low battery voltages.    Humidity is the enemy of all electronic circuits.  Reliable operation of electronic

2016-09-21 Remote control has a mind of its own:

Yes, it could be caused by high humidity.  It could be picking up signals from other sources.  It could be the room air conditioning or cooling that is causing erratic behavior.  It is most likely, in

2016-09-15 Smartphones interfacing with portable book binding machines.:

I am thinking the software is a significant development and would require a large amount of storage that would penalize the smartphone architecture.     On the other hand most bookbinding now days is done

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