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Electronics questions about AC, DC and digital theory.

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2017-04-21 Fire extinguishers for Elevators.:

It is logical, although it would require some searching to verify, that the main starting place for an elevator fire would be in the control mechanisms which are located either at the bottom or the top

2017-04-20 Fire extinguishers for Elevators.:

It probably most lies in the hands of building managers, city planners, safety boards and municipal guidelines.     There have been few elevator and elevator shaft fires of public notice lately.  The problem

2017-04-19 Hyperloop technology.:

I don't think anyone knows the answer for sure. It may be restricted due to cost considerations since the tubes must be very low friction and very tight joints.    But some computer models and small scale

2017-04-18 Thermos flask construction.:

1. Yes, very easy to do.  2. No, very easy to measure but differences in results will be nil.    Under ideal conditions that is with good vacuum between inside vessel and outside and best reflective mirrored

2017-04-17 Thermos flask construction.:

Yes, to all of your questions.    The shape or configuration is less important than the materials used and the efficiency of the space between the inner and outer reflective shells and the surface reflectivity

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