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Electronics questions about AC, DC and digital theory.

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2016-11-25 Transformer core size:

Core design is not a simple, linear type mathematical calculation - at any frequency or condition.    There are several approaches to working it out but remember that shape of the core (E or I type) and

2016-11-21 Engine to Electricity:

The best solution for your consideration is most likely an electric generator.      There are kits available (you can google for them) which allow one to construct small electric generators that will produce

2016-11-05 SEND ME THE FILE:

Bluetooth is, simply put, like a little, low power transceiver for sending and receiving data.  The format of the data protocol is standardized by the basic specification authored by the 802.15.1 group

2016-10-06 meaning of the term "amps" in electricity:

I understand your question clearly.    You are confused about voltage.  You are referring to it as a electrical power term. It is not!    Voltage is a potential level, not a power level. (Think of voltage

2016-09-26 Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

No care is needed.  When electricity is lost the motor turns off.  That's all.  The motor design and starting/stopping characteristics of the single phase motor is designed for long-term simple on and

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