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Joerg Droege

I did an education as a Management Assistant in Informatics, I am using the Opera browser since year 2000 & the M2 email client since 2004. I will do my best to answer also other email related questions and email client settings related, etc. But please no Outlook or Outlook Express questions, since I do not use that. (But if you really want to ask in that field, I will sure do try my best to answer your question nicely and correctly anyway :) ). This includes but is not limited to web based email or whatever comes to your mind.

Danna Crawford

How does email marketing work? How can I benefit from email marketing? Can you help me with a newsletter template? How do I cross-promote my email marketing to be social? What email marketing program do you suggest?

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2017-04-23 email attachments:

Hello Di!    Thanks for your question! will shut down tomorrow, so if you want to reply to me , I am moving to Fluther, I can contacted and messsaged with a follow-up question to this

2017-03-29 Unwanted solicitation:

Hello Tony!    thanks for your question!    When you click on a mailto: link on the internet, by default Windows tries to open the default email program (which is "Mail" in Windows 10). However as you

2017-02-09 Thunderbird:

Hi Bud,     thanks for your question!    No, no computer store will be able to resolve your software issues.    It's more likely that viruses also affected the email database files of Thunderbird and due

2017-01-19 emailing myself in yahoo mail:

Hello Steve! This is really strange. Only Yahoo support can tell you whats up there. Maybe it's a bug in their system with your account.    On the left click on "contact

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