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Andrew Coyne

Questions I can answer: Urban survival, preparedness, prepping, survival, food storage, emergency medical applications, homesteading. I am also a Survival writer, and can assist anyone with questions about writing in general, if it pertains to emergency preparedness. My most recent book can be found here:

Ralph Huber

I can answer related to most aspects of home, school or office emergency preparedness to include disaster planning, incident command, national incident response system, and what you should have on hand for supplies. We also can answer questions about specific types of emergencies (e.g. hurricanes, tornados, etc.) and discuss long them recovery plans too. We generally do not answer questions or critique individual jurisdictional plans developed by local governments although we can identify planning gaps and mitigation strategies. The bottom line is that we can answer most questions about the emergency management process.

K. Fairweather

Emergency preparedness, planning, rescue, recovery, survival, first aid, supply, kits, radiological, hazardous materials, evacuation, shelter, shelter in place, food, water, government, ambulance, plane crash, survivor, survivors, pets, duct tape, clothing, accident, accidents, safe, unsafe, places, safe practices, safe room, underground shelter, flood insurance, mitigation, preparing your home, elevation, flood plain, tornado spotting, fire safety, wild fire, earthquake, flash flood, terrorism, civil unrest, Federal Plans, State Plans If I can't answer it, I know where to refer.

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