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Amy Baker

On Vacation
returns 10/01/2016
I can answer question about grammar, spelling, syntax, idioms, reading and/or writing that pertain to English as a Second Language. I am knowledgeable about both TOEFL and IELTS.

Prof. Evona York, UABC

Maxed Out
I can help with almost anything having to do with English as a Second Language, including grammar and syntax, the basic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), etc. I am happy to help with proofreading and advice, but will not do homework for people. I CAN HELP WITH SHORT QUESTIONS, but because I am swamped with translations at the moment, I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR LONG ONES. I'd like to help you make your English even better. The goal of a good teacher is to teach the student TO LEARN HOW TO LEARN. So if you want to know what a word means, first look it up at Merriam Websterís Learners Dictionary at This is a wonderful site, especially for people who are learning English as a Foreign Language. After you have done that, if you still don't understand the meaning, write to me and tell me what the dictionary said, and what you think it means. I will be glad to help you after you have tried for yourself to find out the meaning. This process will help you grow in your already-excellent English. All the best, Prof. Evona York

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2016-09-26 Hard to understand grammatical constructions:

Hello, Henrique.    Your question, with my answers inserted:    Question: Hello Professor,  I do not understand the meaning of some of the grammatical constructions in the last paragraph:    "BUT some

2016-09-06 word choice:

1.  M: Excuse me, Is that seat occupied?  W:(1.) Yes, my friend will come back soon.    (2.) Take it if you want.    I wonder if the second response is also acceptable in the conversation. Please advise

2016-09-05 question:

Hi Dan,     here you have a bunch of links that explain the differences between the two tenses much better than I could.     I hope this helps.

2016-09-04 Found a definition:

Nice find Henrique.     I guess I was right to assume this isn't contemporary English and as you know this is not my area of expertise.     As far as rewriting the sentence, how about "I would/should/shall

2016-09-02 word choice:

1.  M: _________________________?  W: yes, exactly one hundred reams.      What could be Mís question?    ďDid you count the reams of paper?      2. M: Who is working on the graphics?    W: I donít know

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