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Amy Baker

I can answer question about grammar, spelling, syntax, idioms, reading and/or writing that pertain to English as a Second Language. I am knowledgeable about both TOEFL and IELTS.

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2017-03-23 preposition with 'sold':

Hi Anabell,     a bit of context could always help me come up with a better answer but for now...     we say "sold at" or "sold by" or "sold in" never "sold on"     The phone you're looking at is sold

2017-03-17 Can't decide on a single term:

Hi Adam,     that's a bidet shower, or a hand held bidet, or a bidet hand spray.   These would be the terms I'm familiar with.   Someone in a home improvement type of store might be of more help than I

2017-03-13 Generic plural:

Hi Chodi,     plural nouns in a generic reference do not require any kind of article    Singular or plural generic nouns are nouns which are part of a generic statement. They’re different from definite

2017-03-13 Usage of Conjunctions:

HI Micky,     of course. I don't charge extra for follow ups ;)     Yes, that sentence would be correct and would reflect the correct sequence of events, but again it really doesn't say where your uncle

2017-03-12 Usage of Conjunctions:

Hi Micky,     none of the sentences above give the reader any indication of your whereabouts (in or out of Japan) so one can only speculate about you being affected by the quake.     As is used to talk

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