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Sue Kayton

Silkworm expert. Have raised them as a hobby for 20 years. I do not identify unknown insects.

Jack DeAngelis

I can answer questions in any area of entomology (study of insects, spiders, mites, ticks, and other terrestrial arthropods). Contact me about home and garden insects, insects that bite and sting, and insects that damage homes such as carpenter ants and termites.

Jessica Mellinger

I can answer questions about invertebrates native to California, including insects commonly found in homes. If you have an identification request, please attach a photo to your question.

Walter Hintz

I can answer any questions about insects and spiders.

Ed Saugstad

Will accept most questions in general entomology, including those related to medical entomology, taxonomy, ecology, arthropod surveillance, and pest management. If you are requesting a 'mystery bug' identification, PLEASE either attach an image to your question, or post an image on a web page (such as Flickr) so that I can look at it, as verbal descriptions frequently are insufficient for a definitive identification.

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2017-03-26 What is this?:

Dear Rebecca - You needn't worry about this one - it is the detached abdomen of an insect in the order Hymenoptera, either a large ant or a small wasp. See for an image of an

2017-03-24 Bug:

Dear Joyce - You likely do not consider it lucky to be living in a state that is home to at least 70 different species of cockroaches - but at least this one is not a German cockroach! It is in the genus

2017-03-21 Identify this bug:

Dear Joyce - They very well could be German cockroaches, but your image i not clear enough for me to be certain. Likewise with the rectangular objects - they might be egg cases (oothecae) of German cockroaches

2017-03-19 What kind of bug is this:

Bill:    I'm sorry, I have been waiting for to offer a secure login after a browser update alerted me that currently the portal is NOT secure.  They have not responded, so I am hoping my

2017-03-16 What kind of bug is this casing/molting from?:

Hi, Jenny:    No, not a bed bug.  That is the shed "skin" (molt) of a carpet beetle larva.  More about them here:    and here:

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