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Ed Saugstad

Will accept most questions in general entomology, including those related to medical entomology, taxonomy, ecology, arthropod surveillance, and pest management. If you are requesting a 'mystery bug' identification, PLEASE either attach an image to your question, or post an image on a web page (such as Flickr) so that I can look at it, as verbal descriptions frequently are insufficient for a definitive identification.

Walter Hintz

I can answer any questions about insects and spiders.

Eric R. Eaton

I answer insect and spider identification questions ONLY. Attach images if possible. No "what bit me?", "what do I feed this bug in captivity?", or science fair project questions please. NO TECHNICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT INSECT PHYSIOLOGY.

Jessica Mellinger

I can answer questions about invertebrates native to California, including insects commonly found in homes. If you have an identification request, please attach a photo to your question.

Sue Kayton

Silkworm expert. Have raised them as a hobby for 20 years. I do not identify unknown insects.

Jack DeAngelis

I can answer questions in any area of entomology (study of insects, spiders, mites, ticks, and other terrestrial arthropods). Contact me about home and garden insects, insects that bite and sting, and insects that damage homes such as carpenter ants and termites.

Recent Answers

2016-09-25 Mystery bug:

Dear Ziv - Unfortunately, I cannot see enough detail in your images to hazard an identification. About all that I can say is that I do not believe that it is anything that you really need to worry about

2016-09-24 White spider, black markings:

Hi, Marilyn:    Wow, thank you for sharing the great image of one of my favorite spiders.    This is a female White-banded Crab Spider, Misumenoides formosipes.  Here's more about the species:

2016-09-22 Insect identification:

Hi, Darshana:    The insect in your images is a mayfly, an insect in the order Ephemeroptera.    Adult mayflies live only one or two days, just long enough to reproduce.  Females lay their eggs in water

2016-09-21 Tiny, annoying bugs:

This definitely a beetle but from the photo I cannot be sure what kind.  I suspect they are pantry pests. They could be breeding in your dried food products. Look in your cupboards ( or any pet foods if

2016-09-19 Name of this Bug:

Dear Beverly - Although your image is not clear enough for a definitive identification, I can at least tell you what it is not.  It is not a structural pest of any kind (such as termites, etc.), nor does

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