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Andreas Moser

Ethics and law, ethics in politics, military ethics, ethics and religion.

William Conde

I am a student pursuing a career in pharmaceutical ethics and am well-versed in a number of different ethical perspectives. I wish to help others answer ethical questions of varying complexity, and, if desired, to operate within a particular ethical paradigm to provide solutions. I particularly wish to help college students and other young people address the moral dilemmas they face, while maintaining a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere.

Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

In addition to my law degree, I have a master's degree in bioethics and a doctorate of philosophy involving comparative medical, legal and business ethics. I am an adjunct professor at a medical school teaching ethics to healthcare professionals and graduate students.

I can answer questions dealing with general ethics principles, including legal ethics, medical ethics, bioethics and business ethics. I am not a moralist and do not interject subjective values such as what is morally right and wrong. Also, I do not give legal advice over the internet.

For more information, you can view my webiste at WWW.EXPERTETHICS.COM

Wayne Tucker

As a former United Methodist pastor, I think I am qualified to address the issue of right and wrong. I believe some things are wrong, and some are right. Some actions may be right, but for the wrong reason. And some persons undertake wrong actions for a right reason.

Fritz Allhoff, Ph.D.

My areas of specialization are in ethical theory and applied ethics, particularly biomedical ethics, military ethics, and technology ethics.


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