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I can answer general questions about French History of the 17th and 18th centuries. About the people and the events. I don`t pretend to know everything, I am still learning but I like to share my knowledge. Note that it is FRENCH HISTORY FROM THE MODERN ERA (1400-1800).


Anything on Ancient Greece and Ancient Macedonia in particular. Alexander the Great, battles, military history of ancient Greece. History, Art, Linguistics.

Sam Rutherford

I have an MA in History from Vanderbilt with concentrations in Russia and recent Europe and would enjoy answering questions in those areas. Just don`t expect a lot of bibliographical information.

Marc Kamin

I'm comfortable with each period of European history. I will be glad to respond to any question, and promise a clear, accurate, and simple reply. My personal interests include Medieval Europe, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and Nazi Germany.

Francesco Marchesani

I have an indeep knowledge of European history, expecially Ancient, Roman and Medieval history. I focus my attention on military history as well; I have access to a university library with many ancient books.


I am an expert in Ancient Greek and Roman history.

Alex Gorecki

I am very knowledgeable about European History. My expertise in this category is mostly in Reformation History and World War II history.

Charles E.J. Moulton

I can answer questions regarding Swedish history from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Especially questions regarding the Swedish Renaissance and the Vasa Family. I know a great deal about the kings of Sweden from Gustav Vasa (1523 - 1560) and his sons on to Gustav III.

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2015-08-14 Feudalism:

Hi Paula,    Early Medieval Europeans used the "two field" system for farming. This was when one field would be cultivated while the other field would lie fallow (uncultivated) for the growing seasons

2015-08-04 history:

Hello again The Personage,    Germany didn't have a president until after WWI. At that time, the structure of Germany's government changed. In Bismarck's time, he (as chancellor, or head of government)

2015-07-26 world war 2:

Hello The Personage,    Hitler's goals - as demonstrated by his actions and as documented in his writing - in WWII were: to acquire "living space" in Eastern Europe for Germany at the expense of Poland

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