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I will be happy to answer questions about small businesses, import and export activity, employee benefits and benefit administration.

Mr. Rohit Pawar

I can answer the question related to the Indian export and import system, policy, procedure, export benefits, provisions in allied acts,international terminology,different types of import and export methods and all general and specific queries in this field.

Richard Barr

My professional expertise is International Banking, concentrating on the areas of Money Transfers/Payment Systems and Int`l Trade Finance. Due to the high amount of travel my job requires, I am competent to give information concerning "Business Travel" as well.

Mark Mok

I can help those who need to buy from China on manufacturer sourcing, factory audit, price negotiation, quality control, money safe, China travel and logistics, ect.

Hank S

Ask me about sourcing and manufacturing products in China, managing vendors in China, importing from China, developing new products in China, price negotiations with suppliers in China, and logistics-related issues.

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2016-11-01 Query Regarding Export Business:

Dear Aparup,    Regarding your first question, nobody can suggest you the product for export or import because,lacks of products are exported and imported. The only thig is country and buyers are different

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