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Patrick Dean

Please DO NOT ask me about what you should wear to a particular occasion or what color goes with what, or what will look good on you...I have no expertise in this area. I am based in Southeast U.S. and do not have information or expertise in where to shop for clothes. I can answer any questions relating to men`s and women`s outerwear such as Tailored jackets, Wool coats, Raincoats, Down jackets, Leather and Suede Jackets and coats.I can also answer questions relating to active wear such as warm-up suits, track pants, breathable running wear,etc. Please do not ask me about what you should wear to a particular occasion or what color goes with what...I have no expertise in this area.

Aliti Fashions

Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Dressing-up for events & special occasions, make-up application tips, the application of new products, accessories and statement pieces into one's wardrobe, etc.

Suzette Pare

I have a website called The site allows a woman to enter a few basic measurements and create a virtual (3D) model of their body. The purpose of the site is to give them visual information as to what is right and not right for their body type. I can answer any questions pertaining to body type, style, color analysis, and what is right for each body type.

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2017-01-02 Regarding clothing fabrics:

Hi Debbie,    Thank you for your query, but I think your question is incomplete.    Will a french terry pair of ?....    As soon as you get back to me, I will be able to help you further.    Warm regards

2016-11-02 Regarding which colors go together:

Possibly. I would consider it to be a street style look, so when putting the necklace with the sweatpants, consider your whole oytfit very carefully. Every detail needs to be right with every other detail

2016-10-29 Regarding which colors go together:

Neither jacket will work well with sweatpants, but should work with a pant that fits closer to your body, such as stretch jeans, leggings, etc.  Since it is a neutral, it should go with most colors.  I

2016-10-27 saddle shoes:

I think they are perfect!  They show a sense of style and class.  As to traditional saddle shoes, quite honestly, no one will see the difference between the pair you have chosen and a traditional saddle

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