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Doug Adams, Ph.D.

I have been answering questions about female masturbation, male masturbation, and other areas of sexuality for over 11 years on my web site, and I have been an expert in sexuality categories on AllExperts for over two years.

Ashley Morgan

I will do my best to answer your questions about female masturbation, including what healthy masturbation is or how it can become unhealthy, when you should consider masturbating with others and when that may cross the line to sex, and how to handle masturbation in your family whether it's your parents, siblings or children

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2016-12-15 Step daughter's masturbation:

Hi Andy,  Everything you've mentioned is quite normal. Often, the sex drive and the urge to masturbate is the first sign of puberty before periods, body growth, etc...  Some girls begin masturbating regularly

2016-12-14 Squirting:

Hi Jessica!  Unfortunately there's no known way to control it. I do have some good news though. You're getting older and soon will be out of the house where privacy won't matter as much, plus it's a huge

2016-11-17 Self and others masturbating me:

It certainly was because of that, but that's not abnormal, it's nothing I can coach you on to improve your masturbation pleasure or enjoyment, it's a simple fact of life that we all want someone else physically

2016-11-14 Self and others masturbating me:

Hi Hannah, thanks for the question!  Your situation seems complicated at first but you are not different than every other woman in the world. Let me explain.  We all want to be touched, we all want physical

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