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Ashley Morgan

I will do my best to answer your questions about female masturbation, including what healthy masturbation is or how it can become unhealthy, when you should consider masturbating with others and when that may cross the line to sex, and how to handle masturbation in your family whether it's your parents, siblings or children

Doug Adams, Ph.D.

I have been answering questions about female masturbation, male masturbation, and other areas of sexuality for over 11 years on my web site, and I have been an expert in sexuality categories on AllExperts for over two years.

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2017-02-06 Embarrassing Situation:

Hi Samantha! I think it probably is a bit of a phase.  I don't know that I'm ready to say that you can keep doing it forever as eventually I do think your mom is going to raise serious questions about

2017-02-02 Embarrassing Situation:

Hi again Samantha!  No judgement here,  I can totally see how wearing her clothes would make you feel more like her, which to you is a better version of yourself.  I am curious,  does sexuality play a

2017-01-20 Embarrassing Situation:

Hi Samantha!  Thanks for your questions and I'm sorry it took me some time to respond. a LOT of women love humping. I can understand the thrill of masturbating in a public room, with the potential to be

2017-01-17 Masturbation:

Hi Alice!  How do you masturbate now? Do you just rub yourself between your legs? It's ok if it doesn't feel good yet,  you are still growing up! There's no special secret to making it happen, you just

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