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Dan Carmi

I can answer all types of questions regarding ferns: their physiology, life cycle, taxonomy, culture (for both the professional and hobbyist), home and garden application and care, site suitability, and more. I can also answer questions in the fields of greenhouse production, foliage plants, and houseplant care, along with questions in the general field of ornamental horticulture. I may be able to identify fern and foliage plants by photo, but I am unlikely to be able to do it by description (though I will never turn down a challenge). I am not an expert in crop, field, and agronomic production. I am not an expert on annuals, perennials, tree & shrub crops.

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2016-10-17 Staghorn:

There are quite a few reasons why a staghorn would start yellowing, so we  would need to go through a check list of questions to try and pinpoint your exact cause.    Water: is the plant mounted where

2016-10-16 Staghorn:

Carol hi;  Are you able to send me a few photos or more detailed information about your plant, such as how long you have had it, how is it mounted, where it is kept,and whether there are other symptoms

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